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Pet Urns

Our pet urn services are specialize in creating personalized urns for the remains of beloved pets. These services cater to pet owners who wish to memorialize their furry companions in a meaningful way. Here’s an overview of what pet urn services typically include:

Pet Urn Service in Atlantic City

Urn Selection

Mikal’s pet urn services provide a range of urn options to choose from. These can vary in material, size, shape, and design. Common materials for pet urns include wood, metal, ceramic, glass, and biodegradable materials. You can select an urn that aligns with your preferences and the personality of your pet.

Pet Urn Service in Atlantic City


Our pet urn services offer customization options to make the urn unique and reflective of your pet’s life. This can include personalized engravings, such as the pet’s name, dates of birth and passing, a special message, or symbols that represent their personality or hobbies.

Pet Urn Service in Atlantic City

Size Considerations

Pet urns come in different sizes to accommodate the remains of pets of various sizes. The service provider can guide you in selecting the appropriate size based on the weight or measurements of your pet.

We understand the sensitivity of the loss of a pet and can provide the level of customization and quality you desire. You can explore online reviews, testimonials, and portfolios to assess their workmanship and customer satisfaction. Additionally, please consider the following factors:

  • Pricing
  • Shipping Options
  • Return Policies
  • Materials

Our pet urn services may offer complementary items or additional options to enhance the remembrance of your pet. This can include keepsake jewelry, memorial plaques, or display cases for displaying photos or other mementos.

Once you have selected the desired urn and provided the necessary customization details, you can place an order with the pet urn service. They will then proceed with the production process and arrange for the delivery of the urn to your preferred location.

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