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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, writer and pioneering aviator

When it comes to your final arrangements, Mikal’s Funeral Parlor believes that you should be in charge of making the decisions. The arrangements you make will reflect your exact wishes and desires. Anyone can create a plan, at any stage in their life, and you can make changes at a later date if you wish. You can create the perfect draft to then email to us, in the comfort of your own home or you can call to schedule an appointment to come in to meet with a member of our staff to put your plan in place.

Funeral pre-planning services in Atlantic City

Preferences and Costs

You can specify the type of funeral service you desire, such as burial or cremation, and whether you want a religious or non-religious ceremony. You can also choose specific details like the location, date, and time of the service.

Funeral Pre-Planning Services in Atlantic City.

Legal and Administrative Details

Pre-planning your funeral allows you to handle important paperwork and documentation in advance. This may include preparing a will, designating a power of attorney, and providing necessary personal information for the death certificate and obituary.

Funeral Pre-Planning Services in Atlantic City.

Financial Planning

Some funeral pre-planning services offer options for pre-paying or setting aside funds for your funeral expenses. This can provide financial security and alleviate the burden on your family members when the time comes.


Pre-arranging your own service will help to ease the burden of your loved ones. By taking care of your arrangements before the time of need, you are relieving your family of doubt, providing them certainty, lifting the financial burden off of your loved ones and giving them more time and energy to focus on healing and remembrance. They won’t have to ask themselves, “Am I making the right choices?” and can instead focus on what matters: saying goodbye and celebrating your life journey with those who cared about you most. It will also alleviate any questions, problems or differences, which can occur among family members. When you plan ahead you know that your wishes will be fulfilled. They will need only to… follow, your, instructions.

  • Funeral Preferences and Costs
  • Legal and Administrative Details
  • Financial Planning
  • Communication with Family

If so, do you have the following items readily available:

  • Branch rank
  • Date of enlistment
  • Date of discharge
  • Name(s) of war/conflict(s) toured
  • Serial number

What is Your Father’s name, your Mother’s Maiden name, your level of Education, and your Social Security Number.
Do you have any Special Affiliations such as:
Fraternal Service, Union Membership, Service Organizations, along with any other special recognitions or groups that you are a part of?
Who are the Friends and Relatives who should be notified in the event of your passing?

Choose Burial or Cremation.
Select a casket or cremation container.
Choose the location and type of service.
Decide whether you’d like to have a viewing or visitation.
Choose a floral arrangement.
Select which photographs and memorabilia you’d like to display.
Consider any customs, traditions, or religious rites that are important to you and your family.
Choose the clothing you’d like to be dressed in.
Select music and hymns, if desired.
Arrange transportation for your physical remains and your family(limos?).
Brainstorm any additional ways you’d like to personalize/customize the services or pay tribute to your accomplishments, hobbies, personality, and life story.

Choose a clergy member or officiant to preside over the service.
Select any musicians whose talents you would like to employ.
Select pallbearers.
Choose friends or family members to perform the eulogy, read scripture, or prepare a speech.
Choose a cemetery.
Select a burial or cremation plot, or a mausoleum.
Decide between above- and below-ground burial.
Select a memorial or grave marker and inscription.

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